Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mother Courage at HSU: The Storytellers

Our Cast

Bernadette Cheyne
Greag Brown
Jessica Brown
Kato Buss
Renee Carney
Jolie Colby
Colin Cowan
James Gibbons
Stephen Godwin
Missy Hopper
Andrew Huggins
Calder Johnson
Jonathan Linton
Larry Mitchell
Jabari Morgan
Kalindi Rogers
Joshua Switzer
Greta Welsh

Our Musicians

Les Shiaman (cello)
Amos Soffan (horns)
Brian Godwin (drums)
Colin Cowan (bass)
Lila Nelson (piano)

Our Production

Director and Costume Design: John Heckel
Musical Director: Lila Nelson
Asst. Director: Kato Buss
Stage Manager: Delayne Medoff
Asst. Stage Manager: Kat Bruck
Scenic Designer: Jody Sekas
Asst. Scenic Designer: Lily Riley
Technical Advisor: Jayson Mohatt
Lighting Designer: Jim McHugh
Asst. Lighting Designer: Emily Blanche
Sound Designer: Everson Corrigan
Sound Advisor: Glen Nagy
Costume Advisor: Catherine Jenny Brown
Makeup Designer: Julee Giacomini
Makeup Designer: Jackie Smith
Property Master: Emily McPeck


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